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How Every Entrepreneur Can Find Success By Hitting Rock Bottom

Ryan Blair November 1, 2016
In my new book, Rock Bottom to Rock Star, I talk about a number of people who’ve inspired me throughout my life – entrepreneurs, mentors, artists, and anyone that I’ve witnessed living a rock star life, or like I say, owning their own stage. I study the lives of great entrepreneurs so that I can learn from them, and one of the greatest examples is the late Steve Jobs.READ MORE

How Steve Jobs Helped Me Through My Rock Bottom Moment

Ryan Blair October 27, 2016
I was going through some old files, looking for pictures of my mom today, and I found this 2011 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. While this magazine has been in my possession for five years, I never noticed the cover story subtitle: “How an Insecure Hippie Kid Reinvented Himself- and Changed the World.READ MORE

Your Opportunity to Break The Internet

Ryan Blair October 24, 2016
I am writing this having just said goodbye to my mother today—she’s chosen to go into hospice for her last few living days. If any of you know the story, in 2011, my mother suffered a head trauma and spent two years in a coma. She woke up, and I got precious extra time with her, for which I am eternally grateful, but now she’s ready to release her soul from her body.READ MORE

How we can save America $31 billion a year, an entrepreneur’s view on criminal justice reform

Ryan Blair October 2, 2016
As a writer, and someone who is often in the public’s eye, I’ve mostly abstained from sharing my political views. With the exception of having named my son Reagan, after our former president, and some recent reactions to the current election, that’s probably the only things the public knows about my political opinions. READ MORE