Your Opportunity to Break The Internet

I am writing this having just said goodbye to my mother today—she’s chosen to go into hospice for her last few living days. If any of you know the story, in 2011, my mother suffered a head trauma and spent two years in a coma. She woke up, and I got precious extra time with her, for which I am eternally grateful, but now she’s ready to release her soul from her body. I’m praying for just one more evening with her.

I share this personal story with you because it’s exactly “Why” I write, and underlies what I believe to be my life’s purpose. The first part of the title of my book Rock Bottom to Rock Star was inspired by the J.K. Rowling’s quote, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life,” because I’ve built my life (and rebuilt it numerous times) from the bottom up, and the second part of the title “Rock Star,” is to empower people to live a life where they embody success and own their own stage—I want to create a movement, a whole new classification of rock stars. I wrote this book to teach people not only to face their adversities (a subject I know well), but also how to use those “rock bottoms” as the launch pad for their future success.

The message is universal, because nobody is immune to adversity—and I am facing adversity right now, but I’m ok with that because I have the tools and I’ve been battle tested more than once. While I may feel this battle is my hardest, as my Navy SEAL friends would say, “the only easy day was yesterday.”

I made the choice to release my book Rock Bottom to Rock Star during the fiasco that is our American political and media meltdown, and unlike my first book release, I am fighting headwinds unlike I’ve ever seen (my next book will be about when NOT to launch a book). That’s why tonight and tomorrow, I’m soul-y focused on two things, making my mother proud of her son so she can leave this world with peace in her heart, and getting my book Rock Bottom to Rock Star to break through the election noise and get this (much needed) message to the world.

I’m asking everyone who has read my book (or would like to read it), been inspired by my writing, watched my documentary, or seen me speak, to lend their support in any way that you can. Especially on social media, as that’s the only media platform we have today where we as individuals can reach the world with a positive message. If you haven’t ordered Rock Bottom to Rock Star yet, go get a copy on my website ryanblair.com, we’ve got great packages and bonuses waiting for you. If you’ve already read it, please review it—Amazon, GoodReads, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, iTunes—or if you’re compelled by this message, post a pic of yourself with Rock Bottom to Rock Star in your hands, and @tag me (Twitter: @ryanblair, Instagram: @ryanvisalus, FB: ryanblair.fans) with the hashtag #RB2RS and I’ll do my best to engage with you. Recommend the book, share the message, share this post—or simply send me a kind thought or prayer from your heart. All help is appreciated, even the kind you can’t touch or see.

Help me break through the negativity and “break the internet” today (but not like it did on Friday when I was originally supposed to post this), and you will be an important part of this book, and future books to come.

Just knowing that you’re out there reading this is adding fuel to my fire already, giving me the courage to keep fighting. And for that, I thank you.



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